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Name women

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Image of 01.C.48d - Figurine

01.C.48d - Figurine

This small statuette of a Maltese "peasant" woman is molded of off-white clay. The figure wears dainty shoes and an ankle-length dress with a fringed hem, belted waist, and fitted bodice; tied around the figure’s neck is a scarf with decorative edging. The figure wears drop earrings. Her hair is pulled back beneath a ghonnella (or Faldetta), a form of head dress or shawl unique to the islands of Malta and Gozo. The upper portion of the figure’s body and the base of the statuette are soiled with dust. Tool marks are visible in the clay body, especially beneath the hem of the woman’s dress and on the underside of the base. Some abrasions are present at the apex of the figure’s head dress. No ma

Image of 01.C.30a-b - Hook

01.C.30a-b - Hook

Pair of brass pendants with profile portraits of Louis XVI (b) and Marie Antoinette (a). Portraits are in oval frames adorned by leaves and berries along the top perimeter. Large bows at top are attached to metal loops. Hooks with wings are attached to the bottom of the portrait oval.

Image of 2010.11 - Engraving

2010.11 - Engraving

Well-dressed visitors walk on fenced path up the side of Fairmount. At background is the south garden with fountain, and the Schuylkill Bridge. Across the river is Harding Hotel, a popular resort.

Image of 1975.725.2 - Silhouette

1975.725.2 - Silhouette

Oval-framed, profile silhouette, facing left. Subject wears her hair up, with a flower or ribbon at the top of her head. Unsigned and undated. Maiden name, "Walker," is marked on paper backing. Pairs with husband, Jacob Hiltzheimer (1975.725.1).

Image of 2009.16 - Painting

2009.16 - Painting

View of the eastern side of the Fairmount Waterworks from the floodgates, or race bridge. The Works extend from the central background to the right middleground of the gouache. The Works include a three-story, Federal-style, brick building with four chimneys, and a long Neoclassical-style Mill House, ornamented with allegorical sculpture. A steep, rocky hill rises in the right background. Stairs ascend the hill, leading to a gazebo, topped with a statue of Mercury. In the background, between the hill and the brick building, are additional buildings and a fountain. A large pool with two swans is in the left middleground. In the foreground, two couples stroll along a promenade, and two a

Image of 2010.7 - Engraving

2010.7 - Engraving

Depicts groups of people around Pennsylvania State House: ladies and gentlemen at left and right, Native Americans at center, and children playing under tree. At rear is Philosophical Hall with sign reading "Museum." Bottom left: "designed and published by W. Birch enamel painter 1800."

Image of 2009.49 - Painting

2009.49 - Painting

After early 1790s portrait by unknown artist, housed in State Historical Museum, Moscow, Russia. Subject wears Empire-style dress and jacket ("kuntush"), which was casual dress for time, with miniature of Catherine II and sash and Star of the Order of St. Catherine. Shown with symbols of learning (globe and several books), including two volumes of Russian dictionary she published.

Image of 2010.15 - Engraving

2010.15 - Engraving

View of the Water Works from across the river. At foreground are visitors strolling and looking across the water. At background, view of eight arched openings at river level in the mill house. Below image: "Painted by T. Doughty. Engraved Printed & Coloured by I. Hill/Fair Mount Water Works./ Dedicated to the Select and Common Councils of the City of Philadelphia."

Image of 2010.8 - Engraving

2010.8 - Engraving

Colored view of Independence Hall. In the foreground are groups of individuals walking, men on horseback, and a horse and carriage. At bottom: "Engd. By John C. McRae/Independence Hall, Phila, PA."

Image of 2010.9 - Engraving

2010.9 - Engraving

Water works and environs as seen from the west. Depicts the floodgates (known as the Race Bridge). Visitors sitting on river bank, strolling across bridge and walking on hill, man steering a boat underneath the bridge. Under image, left: "Drawn by C. Burton." Right: "Engraved at J. Andrews's." At bottom: "THE RACE BRIDGE FAIR MOUNT WATER WORKS, PHILADELPHIA."

Image of 58.P.44 - Painting

58.P.44 - Painting

Waist-length portrait with body turned to the right, in front of a gray background. The subject has brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a dress of changeant mauve silk, with a ruffle of filmy, white material along the low-cut neckline. A scarf of blue silk is draped over her shoulders. She wears a jeweled ornament in her hair above her forehead, as well as a pendant pearl earring and pearl ornament on the sleeve closest to the viewer. Unsigned and undated.

Image of 58.S.49 - Bas-Relief

58.S.49 - Bas-Relief

Marble bas-relief of Emma Diruff Seiler facing left, wearing bonnet and bow at neck. Inscribed: "1821 Mrs Emma Seiler 1886" around top perimeter. "H K BUSH-BROWN 1891" below portrait.

Image of M-At4 - Medal, Commemorative

M-At4 - Medal, Commemorative

Obverse: full portrait of Athena with shield bearing image of Medusa. Reverse: classical structure, torch, olive wreath, and owl; "EKATONTAETHPI[sigma] [gamma]ANE[gamma]I[sigma]THMIOY A[theta]HN[omega]N" under structure and "1837" on left, "1937" on right. Stamped on bottom edge: "BRONZE".

Image of M-D93-1 - Medal

M-D93-1 - Medal

Obverse: profile portrait of Athena; "Institut Royal de France" around perimeter and "DUMAREST . F." under profile Reverse: star and stylized laurel/olive wreath encircles "PRIX / DE LINGUISTIQUE. / M.P.E. DU PONCEAU. / 1836."

Image of M-H92 - Medal

M-H92 - Medal

Obverse: portrait of Selina, Countess of Huntingdon; "SELINA COUNS. DOWR. OF HUNTINGDON" around perimeter. Reverse: two palm fronds; "I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVETH" and "OBT 17 June 1791 84."