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Image of 01.C.57 - Chess

01.C.57 - Chess

Board with 32 wooden pieces, 16 unfinished and 16 painted black, housed in original wooden box. Two pawns are later replacements. Pasted on inside of box lid is John Bartram's name. The board, while contemporary, is not original to the pieces.

Image of 1976.7 - Chess

1976.7 - Chess

Thirty-two chess pieces of turned fruitwood. One set of sixteen is either of a darker wood or stained. The brown set is slightly taller than the white set. The chess board (1976.8) is not original to the pieces.

Image of 1976.8 - Chess

1976.8 - Chess

Folding wood chess board with alternating black and white squares, checked black and white border. Folds in half down the middle. Back covered in red paper and with text in silver: "Chess & Draughts/Manufactured in England." Chess pieces (not original to the board) are 1976.7.

Image of 2009.25 - Chess

2009.25 - Chess

Thirty-two chess pieces of red-painted and white ivory. The pieces are contained in a threaded, silver, egg-shaped, grooved container. The folding board is made of black, white, and red leather, with gold tooling.